Reproductive Services

At SWVets we offer a wide range of cattle reproductive services right through from synchronising your herd to calving and getting them producing at their peak. These services include boutique AI, metrichecking, synchrony and non cycler programmes and InCalf advisory.

Condition scoring is offered pre mating to ensure the best success rates possible.  We recommend vaccinations and routine bloods for your herd to ensure that your herd isn't deficient in any minerals and is covered for preventable diseases that can cause abortion and poor reproductive performance.  

We offer pregnancy diagnosis for heifers and cows, ultrasound scanning and foetal ageing.

We offer a full bull breeding soundness service, including a clinical examination, measurement of scrotal circumference, observation of mating, semen collection and examination and specific blood tests as required.   

We integrate the Farm Plus side of the practice to offer a service to farmers that is second to none for both dairy, beef and lifestyle animals. We have a team of farm vets that have experience in all species of farm animals including sheep, cattle, pig, deer, goats and alpaca. 

We are available for both simple repro checklist consults or more advanced consults looking into finer details and creating specific farm plans. We have three qualified inCalf advisors ready to help improve your performance. There are many pieces to the reproduction pie and we can help identify those that will help provide the biggest impact.

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