Emergency 24hr: 06 379 6767 

Telemedicine consults - click here

We are now able to offer consultations via Telemedicine.  This means you (and your pet) can stay home during the lockdown, yet still be able to seek veterinary advice from one of our experienced Veterinarians.

To be able to have a Telemedicine Consultation you will need a device (phone, tablet, laptop, computer, iPad) that has a Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser.  The device also needs to have a webcam and microphone (which most will).

How it works: First - please ring the Carterton Clinic.  We will give you an estimated appointment time.  

You will be sent an email - which will contain:

     A link to our online ‘waiting room’, 

    Instructions on how to enter the our waiting room, 

    A list of things to do to prepare for your consultation

To “check-in”.

Click on the link or in your web address bar type the supplied address for your appointment which look like: https//doxy.me/yourvet (the Vets username)

Enter your name, click “Check-In”

You will receive a welcome message that says “Please check in below to let Dr_______ know you are here”.  Enter your name in the box and hit ‘check in’.

You are now in our online waiting room, and the Vet will start the call as soon as they are available.  

Please take photos or video before the appointment of anything that your Veterinarian will want to see, for example: wounds, skin lesions, ‘bodily expulsions’, lameness, unusual behaviour (keep these to a couple of the best photos, or the single best video, of the highest quality you can obtain). These can be uploaded to the Vet during the call from your device with ease.

Obviously Telemedicine Consultations are not going to be suitable for all cases - we may need to see your pet at our Carterton Clinic - but we will discuss this with you.  We may also determine during the course of the call that your pet needs a Clinic Appointment for physical examination or treatment. 

Our standard Consultation fees apply (if we do need to see you immediately for a Clinic Appointment there will be no additional consultation fee for this).  

If you are needing help outside business hours then our After-Hours fees apply.  

If you do not have a device to attend a telemedicine appointment, a Vet can speak to you over the phone (again, a consultation fee will apply).

We realise this is a hard time for most people financially - unfortunately, that also includes us.  We would love to provide our services for free to help the community - but we have salaries and bills to pay like everyone else so please do not be offended when we seek payment for our expert services. 

As always - for emergencies call the Carterton Clinic on 06 379 6767 and they will triage you and advise you what to do.

Please note: If you have trouble checking in to our new telemedicine site please contact the Carterton Clinic.

We ask that you be patient with us if we do experience some teething problems - this is new to us but we will get there and continue to try and offer you the best service we can during this difficult time.

We thank you for your kindness and support.